Inspirational Anorexia Recovery By Russian Girl

Anorexia Recovery

This is one of the amazing anorexia stories i found on internet.

Several years ago, photographer Alexander Sokolov shocked the nation with erotic photo session with young woman Tatyana who was seriously suffering from anorexia nervosa (eating disorder). At the time her weight was 37kg .. After the photo session, I was sure that i will never see her again.

But after some time she came again and photographer was positively surprised by the sight of Tatyana, her new weight was 54kg!

Photo session after anorexia recovery

After anorexia

Photo session after anorexia recovery

Inspirational photo session after anorexia recovery

Healthy Tatyana after anorexia recovery

Photos made by Alexander Sokolov

To see full erotic photo session with Tatyana when she was 37kg and suffering from anorexia 

Click here

Stages in Anorexia recovery

In this world most people tend to think that some conditions are found in certain people only. They tend to forget that they too can suffer from such conditions. One of the conditions that people are ignorant about is anorexia. Most people take it as somebody’s own wish as some of the most common symptoms are failure to eat by the patients. It is important to realize that anorexia is as serious as any other conditions. It is in fact worse than some of the conditions.

Recovery from this eating disorder can at times be a long process that not only requires expert supervision but also lots of love and care from the family members and friends. There are various steps involved in anorexia recovery. In all these steps, love and care is very important if the patient is to make any remarkable steps in recovery.

The first stage is denial. Here, the patient fails to admit that they have a problem even though those around them can tell that there is something wrong. This is the most important stage since the condition is not yet severe and can therefore be well managed with proper attention. Those around the patient should offer words of encouragement and love so that the patient can accept the condition for treatment to begin.

Once the patient accepts their condition, an action plan should be developed as the road-map to recovery. Here, professionals, for instance nutritionists, are called to advice on the right path of recovery. A counselor for instance helps the patient abandon negative thoughts and emotions.

After developing the recovery plan, implementation is the next step. This is where what was agreed on is implemented, for instance, the diet that was recommended by the nutritionist is implemented. Constant evaluation of the plan is important to see whether it is working. This stage calls for a lot of understanding on the part of the care givers as the patient may find it hard to cope with the plan.

The last stage is maintenance. When the patient starts recovering, the plan that was developed should be adhered to ensure full recovery. The patient and those around them should be on the look out to ensure that the condition does not recur.

Although anorexia is a serious condition, with the right care, professional advice and positive thoughts, one can have a full recovery.

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