Essay & Quotes About The Past

There is no future without a past, time is ticking and is going quite fast. You may not think about it often but the title of this article is very true, here are the following reasons. Time itself is always moving, always going forward and some people have trouble grasping the fact. I believe that your past can shape your future for many reasons but the main example I have for you is that everyone lives a different and unique life. What I mean by everyone living a different and unique life is that since everybody is raised different, has different customs, and act differently. Some people may have gotten bitten by a dog when they were little so therefore in their future, there would possibly be no dog owned by that individual. Another example is that some people live with superstitions about different things, a superstition that I personally have and have had for many years is being outside in the dark, the reason is that when I was little I went through a stage in my life where I would have a terrible nightmare over and over again every night and not knowing that it would affect how I acted for many years to come, it now makes me scared or frightened by the fact that when I have no light the same events from the bad dream would happen so in the future I will most likely be afraid of the dark still. There is no future without a past and there are many examples more vivid than the one I have written about but I feel that mine made more sense to write about because it was a personal one. The title of this essay makes total sense in the aspect of history and just the lifestyle that every body lives. I hope you enjoyed my article thank you for your time and have a great day.

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