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Sometimes we should separate and identify the good friends clearly from those bad friends in the lives because bad friends can be worse compared to an open enemy.

bad friendNo one really should be reminded easily that bad friends usually in life are troublesome. The main difference between enemies and friends sometimes get very blurred when companions and friends who once were your pals turn into adversaries, also when they do try to turn out to bad they could be worse compared to open enemies since they know one’s secrets and could turn on one at any time. Bad pals should be kept always at some distance because they often will betray you with no any apparent motives. This means it’s critically vital to only confide in your true own friends and identify the bad friends early in time to try avoiding them as well as the troubles that they can bring easily into your personal life. In short, this is best to well get rid of the bad friends as fast as possible. To aid one identify and eliminate better the bad adversaries in your own life, here are a few helpful unattributed quotes about bad friends plus bad relationships:


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Quotes about bad friends

Friends in need are friends to be avoided.


Friendships are delicate as glasses, and once broken they can sometimes be well fixed but there can always be cracks.


Your closest friends may turn out actually to be your greatest enemy.

not a perfect person

Friends are like the roses because one has to look out cautiously for the thorns.


Never explain yourself. Ones friends don’t need this and your enemies would not believe it.

quotes about bad friends

Whoever said friendships are easy always never had a true friend.

Quotes on Friends

Friends are simply enemies who do not have enough courage to kill you.


Friends who gain control and power are friends lost.


People aren’t your friends if they are paid to actually kiss your feet.


Save me from friends because I clearly know who my own enemies are.

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As we grow slowly older we do not lose friends, we simply learn who the clear real ones are.


Friends could be made by several acts and often are lost by only one.


Open enemies are better than false friends.


Life is very short to spend time with someone that makes your days difficult.


An insincere evil friend are more to be cautious than wild beasts; as wild beasts can harm your own body, but evil friends can wound your soul.

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