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Inspirational & Stunning Worlds Longest Wood Sculpture

The length of the wooden sculpture – more than 12 meters, height – 3 meters. This peace of art was awarded Guinness World Record for “worlds longest wooden sculpture” in Fujian Province. Zheng Chunhui’s was working on it around 4 years. The sculpture showcases a three-dimensional vivid scene of strong, structured, exquisite workmanship and subtle

Unique Scrap Metal Art Sculptures

Scrap metal art is known to create many things; the remains of metal pieces from your home shouldn’t be considered a waste. There are many things that are crafted from scrap metal pieces from home; some of the useful pieces are your old watch, typewriter, farm equipment’s, sewing machines scraps. Others include; cash register remains,

Inspirational Digital Art & Top Rated Digital Art Programs

Digital Art Programs Why should you pay a fortune for a drawing program when you can get excellent ones for a fraction of that price? There are very many different types of art programs. However, the following are not only the best but also the top rated digital art programs. Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition In

Scrap Metal Art – 16 Stunning Sculptures From Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Art You must be born on a ranch, to have ability to see future horse or buffalo in the old scrap metal. Sculptor John Lopez came to his metal art hobby quite by accident, when it became necessary to make fences for the family cemetery, and there were only the remnants of agricultural machinery and
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